Book Talk Tuesday

I have one more day of school with kiddos and two additional days of inservice and then I'll be kicking off my summer with a nap on the couch!  I can't believe it's only a few days away!

Now that I'll have more time on my hands, I'm going to be joining Deanna Jump for Book Talk Tuesdays this summer.  I'm so excited to share my favorite book discovery from this school year.  Are you ready for it?... It's... Bubba, the Cowboy Prince by Helen Ketteman and illustrated by James Warhola.  I was so in love with this book after reading it aloud to my class that I took it home and read it aloud to my husband! (He so deserves teacher husband of the year!)

Our main feller in this book, Bubba, has an evil stepdaddy and two hateful, lazy stepbrothers who do nothing but boss him around the ranch.  But Bubba doesn't mind too much because he loves ranching.  Sound familiar?  That's right, it's a Texas western twist on the ol' story of Cinderella.

I love the way this book is written because while I was reading this aloud, I couldn't help but read it with a Steel Magnolias accent.  My kiddos were LOV-ING it.  Like, rolling on the floor loving it.  It is such a fun book to read and the illustrations are just so adorable.  I mean, just look at poor Bubba here being bossed my his horrible stepbrothers!

Of course, just like in the story of Cinderella, there is a ball that the whole town in invited to.  Except in this Texas tale, Miz Lurleen, the "purtiest and richest gal in the county" has too much ranch to handle all by her lonesome self and throws a ball to find herself a man that loves ranching and is as cute as a cow's ear.

 Bubba of course is laughed at with just the suggestion that he wants to go to the ball.  Cue his fairy godcow.  That's right.  A fairy godcow.  I mean, really?!  I can't even handle the cuteness.

He makes it to the ball but when his time is up, he goes back to smelling like cow patties and is the dirtiest sight to see.  And that's the moment Miz Lurleen falls in love.  Poor Bubba flees with embarrassment and just as expected leaves his boot behind.  The search is now on for the foot that fits the boot.

Now here's my favorite part - When Bubba finally gets his chance to try on that boot, Miz Lurleen recognizes him by his smell.  She has found her cowboy and they literally ride off into the sunset!  

I can't recommend this book enough.  We used this book to pick out story elements and then to compare/contrast fairy tales.  My kids were begging me to read it over and over again and then took turns checking it out at the library for weeks after.

You can get this hardcover book at Amazon.com for less than $14.  You will not be disappointed! 

Click on the picture below to see other bloggers' Book Talk Tuesday.  And let me know, what was your favorite book discovery you made this year?


  1. I saw the thumbnail on the linky party and had to stop by and say I love this book, too! Bubba's is the only "accent" I can do. No British intonations with Charlie and Lola. No (albeit stereotypical) Spanish accent with Skippyjob. But (uh oh ... still stereotypical) hillbilly cowboy? Apparently that one I CAN do. So anyway. I love watching the kids faces as I read. Can always tell when the light goes on and they're like "Hey this is like Cinderella!"

    1. And the funny thing is when I first read it aloud to the kids I didn't mean to do such a thick accent - it just came out! I do love seeing that light go off, too! :)

  2. I love finding new fractured Fairy Tales, I'll have to check this one out! Thanks for sharing!

    Love to Learn

    1. Another great one to check out by Helen Ketteman is "Armadilly Chili". It's another Texas twist on "The Little Red Hen". It's super adorable too!

  3. How cute! I will definitely read this one after I move to Texas this summer! Thanks!

  4. I love this book too....and Armadilly Chili! Have you read The Jalapeno Man or The Little Red Prairie Hen? Those are 2 other books that we read during our Texas unit. :)

    Your blog is just precious! I am happy to be your newest follower. Hop over and visit if you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart