Let's Talk About Books: Daily 5: Second Edition

It's Tuesday so that means I'm linking up with Deanna Jump again for Book Talk Tuesday!  

I'm sure by now you've all heard that "The 2 Sisters" have come out with their 2nd Edition of The Daily 5.  I read the first edition last summer and I was so excited to implement it in my first grade classroom.  But then with the combination of the busyness (yes, that's a word, I looked it up!) of the beginning of the year, trying to keep my head above water as it was my first year teaching first grade level, and the fact that no one on my team used the Daily 5 meant that my implementation of it went to the back-burner.

Don't get me wrong, I did take bits and pieces of it (Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Word Work) and use it during Literacy Stations when I was doing small-group reading interventions but not how I really wanted to.  We didn't talk about stamina, my kids surely didn't have a choice in what they would do each day - and don't even ask me how many "stations" they got to do each day.

And that's why I'm so excited about this 2nd Edition of The Daily 5.  "The 2 Sisters" have come back with a few tweaks to the components of Daily 5 that make me feel like this is the year I'm going to have a classroom with independent readers that each have a sense of responsibility & urgency for their reading success.  

No longer do we have to do all 5 choices each day (thank God!) and we have more flexibility on how/when we implement each choice.  I know many teachers structured the Daily 5 to fit the needs of their students/classes but I feel like now that "The Sisters" have acknowledged and even adopted it, I'm a lot less nervous & intimidated by it.  You can get your own copy of The Daily 5: Second Edition on Amazon for less than $23.


I'm only on Chapter 3, but I'm pumped up and excited about the coming year and what my literacy block is going to look like.  Tell me, do you use the Daily 5?  How have you structured it in your classroom?  

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  1. This is a book that's on my summer reading list. The first book was really good...I'm excited to read the 2nd edition! :)

  2. I used the Daily 5 with my kinders the past two years and plan to implement it with my new firsties this year. I also did not do what was in the book but picked what I liked. I had 2 or 3 rotations each day and I told the kids where to go. I also did not do the mini lessons in between each round. My students loved daily 5 and asked for it every day. I hope you get it set up the way you want it this year! And now I have to read this book! :)